About Us

Vineyard Christian School was born in a grandmother’s heart. Mrs. Amarilys Galindo was a teacher and a school principal in Puerto Rico. She moved to San Antonio in 1994 and founded TRI-LIN Integrated Services, a company servicing the bilingual education community nationwide. When she had her first grandson she said: “I want to make sure my grandson is well taken care of, and I want him to learn my language as he grows”. In order to accomplish that she opened a certified employee child-care center in Tri-lin. In 2012 the Lord put in her heart the desire to open a place where other parents could have what she had: peace. Peace of mind knowing that their precious children were well cared for, in a clean and safe environment where they receive lots of love and would learn about the Lord Jesus Christ and also learn Spanish. When her grandchildren went from Vineyard Christian School to their next school, they had to take an entrance test, all four of her grandchildren score above their grade level. She is confident that it is because of the excellence of VCS. Children are given the opportunity to develop their cognitive skills through learning a second language. VCS is not a day care; it is a preschool and a primary school. Mrs. Galindo and the highly qualified staff promotes learning in a fun and exciting way.

Why did we name our school Vineyard?

John 15:1-12 says that if we remain in Him and His Word remain in us, we will bear much fruit and will accomplish whatever we want. We want our children to be successful and bear much fruit throughout their lives; good spiritual fruits and good fruits in all other aspects of their lives. We can only have a successful and happy life if we stay attached to the True Vine, Jesus Christ. At VCS we believe that if we teach the children the Word of God, have the support of the family, and provide a great education, we have accomplished what God asked us to do in order to establish His Kingdom here on Earth.

VCS's Mission

It is the mission of Vineyard Christian School (VCS) to provide a safe and healthy Christian environment where children learn about the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father, the Holy Spirit, Salvation, themselves, and the world around them. It is our mission to accomplish this while exposing the children to academic excellence, and to the Spanish language and culture. VCS strives to establish a strong, positive foundation to strengthen each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development, equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed.

VCS's Philosophy and Purpose

At VCS we believe that children are born with abilities, talents and a sense of purpose that validate their individuality. We believe that the development of a complete, strong, healthy child is based on a spiritual foundation, strong and secure family ties, and an education that encourages the student to reach his or her full potential. We believe in 3 pillars that should sustain the growth of each child; God, Family and Education. VCS will partner with family and church to strengthen the spiritual life of each student. If we work together to provide these three elements, each student at VCS will grow to be successful. Our professionally trained and qualified staff will provide quality care, education, and spiritual guidance.

Highlights of our school's program:

  • A curriculum centered on the Bible and Christian teaching – Bible Centered Curriculum

  • Spanish Immersion

  • Montessori Math Curriculum

  • Creative and Cultural Experiences

  • Individual Attention

  • Safe and clean environment

  • Hands-on and Kinetic Activities

  • Opportunities for Experimentation and Exploration

  • Learning a weekly Bible verse and attending a daily Bible class

  • Physical Education (P.E.)

  • Extra Curriculum Activities

  • Afterschool Care and Summer Camp

Spanish Immersion Curriculum

The Spanish Immersion program is designed for English-speaking students who wish to become fluent in Spanish. The goals of the program are for students to develop the ability to communicate in Spanish on a level similar to that of a student the same age who is a native Spanish speaker. VCS offers this program from 3 months to 4th Grade. 

Spanish-speaking students are also welcome to join the Spanish Immersion Program and receive the benefits of expanding their native language academically. Spanish-speaking students would accordingly also learn English from their social interactions with their English-speaking peers.

Our main objective is for every child that have participated in the program for at least 3 years, to be able to communicate verbally and in writing in Spanish. Not all children learn at the same pace, some children will reach the objective before 3 years in the program and others may take a little longer.

Benefits of the Dual/Spanish Immersion Program

  • Children become biliteracy and bicultural.

  • Children obtain better academic achievement.

  • Children develop High cognitive skills such as

                         o   Pattern recognition

o   Problem solving

o   Strong thinking skills