Our Staff


Aida Arroyo


Aida Arroyo, Director of Vineyard Christian School has been part of early childhood education for 31 years. “Children are one of my passions,” she has said. When her children were under the age of three, she felt God’s calling to go into the children’s ministry. She started working in the infants’ room at her church and loved every minute of it. She began taking courses and completed a master’s degree in education. She has since worked in various preschools as a teacher and administrator. She became the director for Harvest Schools where she worked for over 10 years. God created a series of events that led her to interview with Mrs. Amarilys Galindo who hired her to establish Vineyard Christian School. “For six years I have been enjoying the growth of our excellent school. Praise God for His goodness!” says Ms. Arroyo. 

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Lumyris Suárez

Lumyris Suárez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When she was 15, she moved with her family to Bogotá, Colombia, because God sent them there as missionaries. She worked with children there for more than 15 years as the head of the children’s ministry of her church. In 2010, she received a degree in psychology and worked for six years in different educational entities in Bogotá. She loves working with children and she truly believes it is a blessing to care for little ones.


Amareliz del Valle

Amareliz del Valle is from Puerto Rico. She attended the University of Puerto Rico, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology. She is also a certified Christian Education Teacher for K-12. Before moving to San Antonio she worked as a Christian Education and Social Studies teacher at Sotera Sanchez Baptist Academy, in Canóvanas, P.R.

Her desire is to provide quality teaching in a respectful environment. She believes in knowledge as a tool in the development of personal, social, emotional and spiritual skills of children.

Esperanza Aguilar

Mrs. Esperanza Aguilar was born in Cuba. She received a degree as a drama teacher. For 15 years she worked in children’s theater as a professional actress. She moved to United States in 2004 and began working as an early childhood educator. She earned a child development associate’s degree and has over 10 years of experience teaching young children. She has been working at Vineyard Christian Schools since 2011. “I feel very happy to be able to guide and help them develop their motor skills and their life skills according to Christian principles,” says Mrs. Aguilar.


Eda Martínez

Mrs. Eda Martínez, is from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. She worked as a preschool teacher with the Head Start program for nine years and as a Professor of technical studies at the Ana G. Mendez University System in Puerto Rico. She has a master’s degrees in preschool and elementary education and is certified as an elementary school teacher. She has worked at VCS since August 2012 a teacher for the four-year-old age group. “God has placed in my heart the ministry of contributing to the education and development of children. It is a great pleasure and source of pride for me to encourage creativity and independence in preschoolers,” says Mrs. Martínez.

Lilian Jason

Lilian Jason is from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She moved to San Antonio in 2009. She is married and has two daughters—one in college and the other in high school. In 2010 she started working as a volunteer in the Children’s Ministries at Friendship Church. She has also worked on special government-run programs for children. She continues to work with children because she enjoys helping them get ready for their future as they grow.


Yitza Torres González

Mrs. Yitza Torres González was born in Naranjito, Puerto Rico. She came to San Antonio, Texas two years ago. “Being in this country has been one of my best experiences and a great blessing,” says Mrs. Torres. She comes from a family of teachers and at a very young age she immersed herself in that field. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a bachelor’s level certificate in special education in the area of language disorders, a master’s level certificate in special education in the area of autism, a certificate in educational therapy, and credits toward a master’s in educational leadership. She has been working for VCS since August 2014 as a three-year-olds’ teacher. “I love the philosophy of the school; I thank God for allowing me to participate in the education of the children at VCS using the word of God as the primary tool. I love what I do! I am sure that God designed me to be a teacher,” says Mrs. Torres.

Mayulis Torres

Mrs. Mayulis Torres was born in Granma, Cuba.  She came to the United States in December, 2003. She has spent time in Miami, Florida and in Buffalo, New York. She came to San Antonio, Texas at the beginning of February, 2004 and established her family here. She finished high school in Cuba in 1992. Mrs. Mayulis began working at VCS in 2016 as a teacher’s assistant. “I am passionate about the work I do now.  I always wanted to work with children, contribute to their education and help them form moral and spiritual values,” says Mrs. Torres.


José L. Figueroa

Jose L. Figueroa is from Orocovis, Puerto Rico. He began his studies at the University of Puerto Rico Recinto de Bayamón. There he received a degree as a physical education teacher for special needs students. He transferred to the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico Recinto de Barranquitas, where he got a bachelor’s degree as an elementary school teacher, K-6. He went back to school at the Central University of Bayamón to get certified as a teacher for students diagnosed with autism. He also completed his master’s degree at the American University Recinto de Bayamón Puerto Rico in teaching and curriculum, with a minor in transition into adulthood in the area of special education levels K-12. He has 15 years of experience in private as well as in public schools teaching preschool, elementary and middle-school level, mostly in science, math and physical education.

Anibal Colon

Mr. Anibal Colon was born in Corozal Puerto Rico. He has a bachelor degree from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and a master’s degree in human resources from UMET. He work for the Department of Education Federal Affairs from 1998-2005. During his vacation time he would volunteer as a camp director for the staff’s children of Lilly Del Caribe Inc. He has 20 years of experience as a national volleyball referee for Puerto Rico and the United States.


Martha Elena Romero

Martha Elena Romero was born in México City. She studied law at UNAM. Thirty four years ago she got married and relocated in San Antonio, Texas. For ten years she worked as a substitute teacher in the bilingual program with elementary and middle schools in NEISD.

Ana Ivette Soto

Ana Ivette Soto discovered that teaching was a talent at an early age. Her first students were the trees surrounding her house in Puerto Rico. She successfully completed her bachelor’s degree in elementary education receiving a teaching certificate. She was immediately recruited by one of her college professors to implement an integrated education curriculum at a private school. The objective of the curriculum was to integrate the areas of reading and math with physical movement. She developed hundreds of classes and teaching methods where the children learned through play and academic integration. In November, 2005 she and her husband left Puerto Rico for Texas. Since 2013, her experience led her to become part of the team of professionals at Vineyard Christian School.  She has now dedicated more than 19 years to this profession, in both academics and administration. “Childhood is a crucial stage in the life of a human being; it is and has been my privilege to serve children through this short and sweet stage of their lives,” says Mrs. Soto.