"We are so happy with and blessed by the Vineyard Christian School. It instills strong Christian values within our children while providing a bilingual education in both Spanish and English.  It is a very loving and caring atmosphere, but also a disciplined and structured environment for kids to learn. The administration has been very responsive to any student or family concerns. Class sizes are small and teachers very attentive to every child's individual academic needs. Staff and students are friendly and welcoming to all. Our child is always excited and happy to be dropped off at school each morning. We can't wait to return next year to see all of the wonderful things Vineyard Christian School will be doing!"
John G.

"We loved the school from the very first introductory visit: caring teachers, attentive administration, loving staff, and welcoming environment.  What more would parents want for their children's early childhood and elementary education? Though the school's curriculum is very rigorous and challenging, children learn with enthusiasm and grow their skills and confidence in their ability. Our family does not speak Spanish, yet our child is now fully bilingual and can confidently converse with native speakers outside of the school. Strong Christian values, personalized approach to teaching and bilingual curriculum make Vineyard Christian School an exemplary early learning center and school!"
Anna T.


"My wife and I are picky people by nature. We choose restaurants like we are shopping for a house, and restaurants do not even matter. Needless to say, when we were vetting schools for our then 18-month old son, our standards seemed impossibly high. We did not want to leave him at all, much less with a bunch of strangers. Just as hope was fast slipping away, we attended an open house for Vineyard Christian School (VCS) and were blown away. Every single person we met that day was warm and loving and just comfortable. I contemplated quitting my job and enrolling myself. We were hooked and are proud to say that two years later, we are still hooked. VCS has become family to us, and that is not an exaggeration. Imagine leaving your child with an awesome and loving grandma every day, and that's VCS--a true breath of fresh air in a city overcrowded by run-of-the-mill day cares."

Joshua C.


"Truly, this school is one of the main reasons we are in San Antonio. From the second we first visited, every single employee has loved our son as if he is their own, starting from the top with the personable, service-minded owner and director. There is no more comforting feeling than going to work knowing your child is being loved on, guided, and educated by such wonderful people. The absolute best way for my little one to learn of God's love-- seeing it in the flesh every day."

Rae C.


"I would like to let you know, how much we absolutely love this school!!!  Lutz is so happy to run into class everyday!  It is so obvious how much each teacher and staff member cares for the children at VCS.  He is now going into his 3rd year at VCS and we could not be happier with his progress.  He started at 19 months (4 now) and was not talking too much; much less in 2 languages, and now he is truly speaking 2 languages.   We do not speak Spanish, but we felt it was so important to not only have a Christian based school, but a bilingual school.  I know that his education and care at VCS is preparing him for a very bright future!!"
Vanessa and Lutz I.