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About VCS

Vineyard Christian School was Born in a Grandmother’s Heart


When I had my first grandson I wanted to make sure my grandson was well taken care of, and I wanted him to learn my language as he grew. In 2012 the Lord put in my heart the desire to open a place where other parents could have what I had: peace. Peace of mind knowing that their precious children were well cared for, in a safe environment where they receive lots of love and would learn about the Lord Jesus Christ and also learn Spanish.

When my grandchildren went from VCS to their next school, all four of my grandchildren scored above their grade level in the entrance test. I am confident that it is because of the excellence of VCS. Children are given the opportunity to develop their cognitive skills by learning a second language through the Spanish Immersion and Dual Language. 


Amarilys Galindo
​Head of School

Our Mission

Provide a safe and healthy environment where children will know Jesus and achieve academic excellence while growing up in two cultures.

Our Vision
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Establish a personal alliance between God, families and an excellent education that results in a bicultural person who is spiritually, physically, mentally and socially complete.


Why Did We Name Our School Vineyard?

John 15:1-12 says that if we remain in Him and His Word remain in us, we will bear much fruit and will accomplish whatever we want. We want our children to be successful and bear much fruit throughout their lives; good spiritual fruits and good fruits in all other aspects of their lives.


We can only have a successful and happy life if we stay attached to the True Vine, Jesus Christ. At VCS we believe that if we teach the children the Word of God, have the support of the family, and provide a great education, we have accomplished what God asked us to do in order to establish His Kingdom here on Earth.


Philosophy and Purpose

At VCS, we believe that children are born with abilities, talents and a sense of purpose that validate their individuality. VCS believes the development of a complete, strong, and healthy child is based on a solid spiritual foundation, strong and secure family ties, and an education that enhances and strengthens the child’s full potential. VCS strives to provide the challenging educational experience each child needs and deserves to succeed. If we work together to provide the children at VCS these fundamental elements, each child at VCS will grow to be successful. To that end, the professionally trained and qualified staff of VCS will provide quality care, education, and spiritual guidance.

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