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Parent Testimonials

"Our three daughters have been students at Vineyard since they were 2 years old, respectively. Over the course of the last eight years, Vineyard has offered our daughters not only a Christian based Spanish immersive stellar program, but also an extended family. Vineyard is comprised of caring teachers and unified parents. We are very grateful to Ms. Amarilys Galindo for creating a program like no other. We have seen the school multiply in numbers as prayers continue to be answered. To witness our daughters pray and speak two languages is a tremendous blessing. Forever grateful!"

Southard Family

"Vineyard has played a pivotal role in not only setting a solid, Christian foundation for our child, and how she approaches the world but the teachers and staff have cultivated our daughter’s education with an environment filled with love, compassion, and immense care. Coupled with us, is the bilingual education and culture immersion that is setting our daughter up for success in not only for communicating with the world, but appreciating her heritage while learning to think differently.


We love Vineyard and are truly grateful for how they have taken care of our daughter and have become a part of our family! We recommend Vineyard hands-down, for any parent who is interested in witnessing their child blossom!"

Nevarez Family

"We are excited to grow with Vineyard! A Christian education is important to us and that our children learning Spanish is a bonus. There is an atmosphere of love from the second you pull on to the campus. Greeted by their names as they exit the vehicle, I leave for work with peace knowing my children are positively influenced in THIS environment.


I have two very different children. Each teacher they have had, throughout the years, has taken the time and put in the effort to support my children in the ways they learn best. My kids are happy and thriving. I could go on and on about all the things I love about the school, but the two main things that stick with me:


  • My husband and I do not speak Spanish. My Spanish is at a preschool level. When my family comes to visit from MX or we encounter Spanish speakers in public, my children converse with confidence and competency, leaving everyone highly impressed.

  • I was sent a video of my child, singing his heart out in chapel, with his hands lifted, filled with love for our King. What more could a mother ask for?


We are so thankful to AmarIlys and her carefully curated staff for all the ways they shine so bright.  WE LOVE VINEYARD!"

Hazlewood Family

"We have two kids at VCS that started at age 2. We prayed to find a school rooted in Christian values that teaches and demonstrates the Word and feel we have found it here. My husband and I are not Spanish speakers and wanted to give the gift of being bilingual to our children. Both started speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish in Kinder.


We are so grateful for the excellence of the skills, commitment and dedication of the teachers, support staff and administration. This team works tirelessly every day to help build character, confidence, and integrity while providing a great education for our children."

Donat Family

"As a parent with children attending  Vineyard, I am profoundly grateful for the holistic education they receive. Beyond academic excellence, the school instills strong moral values rooted in Christian principles. My children not only excelling academically but is also growing spiritually, learning the importance of compassion, integrity, and service to others. Similarly, They are introduced to the love of Jesus, setting a foundation for their faith to grow. The school's nurturing environment and commitment to faith-based education have truly enriched my children's lives, and I couldn't be happier with their progress."

Gorena Family

"We’ve been at Vineyard since my oldest was 6 months old. We are constantly amazed by how much our girls learn and enjoy going to school! The staff has become like family to us and we have not had a teacher that our girls don’t love! We are truly blessed to be a party of the Vineyard Family."

Nuñez Family

"From the first time we dropped our daughter off as new parents when she was 3 months old and now, one more kid, we have witnessed the love and feeling of family at Vineyard. We are beyond thankful for the educational program and commitment Vineyard has shown to our children. As parents, we do not speak Spanish, and now both of our children are bilingual. Whether it be the passion and embrace even from the drop off line every morning (including by the owner) or the instruction that has enabled our daughter, Madison, to read and write before she begins kindergarten, we are first hand witnesses of the value Vineyard can provide a family."

Ecker Family

"Both of our children have attended Vineyard since they were infants. We have always been treated like family. It seems like everyone from the teachers to the front office staff to the Owner know our names and the names of our children. We are blessed to have our children attend a school that is focused on fostering their development and learning while prioritizing doing so in a Christian environment. Our children are thriving and know that they are loved but everyone at Vineyard and that is the greatest blessing."

Cruz Family

"My family has been a part of the Vineyard family since 2015 when my eldest started. She is about to enter middle school there now and has, over the years, been joined by each of my subsequent children.


My husband does not speak Spanish at all, and my speaking capabilities as part of the "no sabo" generation caps at about 2nd grade level. It was vital to me that even if I didn't speak my culture's language, my children needed to learn and be connected to their Mexican heritage as their grandmother and great-grandmother spoke it.


I now have 3 Spanish speaking children, with another 2 who understand it and are learning to speak it - all thanks to Vineyard and Mrs. Galindo. I could have taken my children anywhere over the years, but we love the Christian values, the education, and the ability for our children to learn Spanish. We're always excited to see the expansion year after year, and to grow along with Vineyard.


I feel blessed we found them almost a decade ago and we're proud to continue to be a part of the Vineyard Christian Family."

Johnson Family

When we first came to San Antonio, about 9 years ago, we were looking for a school for our kids that would combine Christian values/education and a Spanish language program. We have two kids enrolled at Vineyard Christian. A daughter, who is getting ready to start 9th grade, and a son, who will be starting 6th grade. They started when they were in 1st grade and PK3. Our experience here has been so incredible, that we’re looking forward to both of them finishing high school at this school. Especially since the school was just accredited by the ICAA (International Christian Accrediting Association).


The classes are small, so the kids get a lot of personal attention and the teachers really get to know their students. This is invaluable, because it allows the teachers to adjust their teaching method, depending on how each student learns best. The teachers also get to know the kids on a personal level, unlike other schools, where the kids are just another number.

Our son is on the Autism spectrum. Since day one, about 9 years ago, the teachers have made sure he is accepted and loved by his peers. They have also educated his class about his condition and raised awareness with his classmates. The result has been exceptional. The kids in his class love and accept him for who he is and understand him better. They look at him as another member of their class. The school also works with us, when it comes to allowing a therapist in school with him. We have been really pleased with the Christian values/education of the school. The kids are taught the Bible and how to apply it to their daily lives. These values are a part of the school’s fabric. The teachers and kids are held to Biblical values.


Academically speaking, the kids are 2 grades ahead of their peers. All of the kids are pushed to reach their full potentials. The Spanish language instruction is excellent. Learning another language is a huge benefit for anyone. Instead of the usual, single language class a day, the students are immersed in Spanish in the earlier grades, with classes, taught in English, being added little by little. Students will exceed academic standards in English and Spanish. We know our kids will be well prepared for whatever comes after high school and for life in general. We cannot say enough about the teachers at this school. Without them, our kids’ accomplishments would not have been possible. It’s not uncommon for the kids to know all of the teachers and for all of the teachers to know every one of the kids. At this school, the kids aren’t just another name on a list. They are all loved and cared for. The teachers are able to adjust their teaching styles for each child, to make sure every student is learning.


We can wholeheartedly recommend Vineyard Christian to anyone. The values of the school are solid, the academics surpass other schools in the area and we feel safe and confident dropping the kids off every day. We know the kids will we taught well, exceptionally cared for and their safety and security are a top concern for the school. No need to look any further for the best school for you children.

Fruge Family

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