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Elementary SCHOOL

Prekindergarten (4 years)

The children will continue their development through their sense of community. They will participate in activities focused on developing life skills, mathematics, language, science, art, and cultural experiences. Your children will have the opportunity to develop at their own pace with the teacher’s guidance. We follow the state guidelines for K4.

Kindergarten (5 years)

At VCS we maximize academic and social potential with an emphasis on cultures from the Spanish-speaking world. In our program, students are held to high academic standards. Students participate in a dynamic academic program, with the goal that they develop a strong foundation in Spanish that sustain the learning of the academic English. We follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills – TEKS.

First Grade - Fifth Grade

As a Christian school we strive to provide the students with a solid Christian foundation, advanced academic knowledge, and strong family and community values. The goal is that by second grade the students have proficiency and literacy in both Spanish and English. This process continues until fifth grade. Entering the middle school students are able to navigate both languages at proficiency level. We follow the state standards, providing the children with opportunities to advance beyond their grade level. We don’t hold them back. 

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