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Highlights of our School's Program:

  • A curriculum centered on the Bible and Christian teaching – Bible Centered Curriculum 

  • Spanish Immersion

  • Dual Language

  • Montessori Math Curriculum

  • Creative and Cultural Experiences

  • Individual Attention

  • Safe and clean environment

  • Hands-on and Kinetic Activities

  • Opportunities for Experimentation and Exploration

  • Learning a weekly Bible verse and attending a daily Bible class

  • Physical Education (P.E.)

  • Extra Curriculum Activities

  • Afterschool Care and Summer Camp

Spanish Immersion Program

The Spanish Immersion program is designed for English-speaking students who wish to become fluent in Spanish. The goals of the program is for students to develop the ability to communicate in Spanish on a level similar to that of a student the same age who is a native Spanish speaker. VCS offers this program from 3 months to kindergarten. 

Dual Language Program

Our Dual Language program is designed based on the Spanish Immersion program. Beginning in first grade a 90-10 model is established. This percentage gradually changes and by fifth grade the students are receiving 50-50 teaching. Middle school continues with the 50-50 English-Spanish.

Benefits of the Dual/Spanish Immersion Program

  • Children become biliteracy and bicultural.

  • Children obtain better academic achievement.

  • Children develop high cognitive skills such as

                         Pattern recognition

                         Problem solving

                         Strong thinking skills

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